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Free Easter Coloring Page – Easily Create A Hand Made Easter Greeting Card.

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Easter will be here soon! 🙂 Add hand colored greeting cards to your Easter baskets.

easter egg coloring card

Print it out on a card stock, color in pastel shades, and fold in half – tadaa, handmade greeting card with love is ready.

Free Easter Coloring Page s

The template already have marks for folding .

Download it here => Easter Coloring

Coloring Blog And Free Printables

Coloring Page Example: Coloring With Dark Colors

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Not everyone likes bright pink and lemon yellow colors.

Most coloring pages are “attacked” with brightest pencils that can be found in colorist’s collection.

It is possible to get an interesting looking picture even if using dark or dull colors. The key is to balance dark/dull color with 10-20% of bright color.

In the example below I have used ocher yellow to add some contrast. Even though ocher yellow is a color of dry grass, it still looked bright compared to other colors in the palette. Dark colors used are Prussian blue (dark greenish blue used for uniforms in old days), and two different shades of brown.

At the picture below, you can see how stars are almost glowing on dark background. Contrast is the key.

Here is the color palette:

Try this color combination and see for yourself that dark or dull colors can also be fun if used in contrast with one slightly lighter and brighter color.

*This picture is a part of The Cosmos Within coloring book.

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