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What To Wear When Coloring?

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what to wear when coloring

What to wear when coloring..? Funny or not, but the color of your top might make or break all your coloring efforts. And I always wear a particular type of clothing when coloring or painting. Why? Simply because of the light reflection.

Well, this article will be relevant for those artists who are very serious about coloring. If you just like to get a cuppa and color away, then skip this one.

What to wear – colors to avoid

There are two types of colors: bright and neutral. Brights reflect sunlight or electric light off to the nearest surface, whic in our case is your coloring page. For example, if you wear a pink top, your coloring page will have a pink tint all over it. This will pollute your color sense and throw off all your color mixing efforts. Same goes to other bright colors.

The best colors to wear

So if you want to be more professional when coloring ( 😉 ) then wear only neutral tops in colors like black, grey, and nude.

Black color is important when doing art, because it absorbs the light instead of reflecting it on paper. Black will not give any tint or shading to your white coloring page.

I know, neutral colors are not the funnest ones to wear, but hey, you can have a whole color party on your coloring page 🙂 And you can still have a small splash of color on your top, it doesn’t have to be all plain.

My second requirement for art clothing is that my top is loose (it’s just more comfortable), and it has to have short sleeves so I don’t smudge my colors.

And really, a simple black t-shirt fits all those requirements.

Well now that you know what to wear, I wish you to have progress and color beautifully for pleasure.

Come back for more tips on coloring.