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New Christmas Books For Kids – Read and Color In

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New Christmas books for kids

Today I wanted to tell you about two new Christmas books for kids.

Christmas Book For Kids 1: The Best Christmas Gift

The first one is hand illustrated story called “The Best Christmas Gift“. In this book two naughty kittens learn what the best Christmas gift is. Every year they would write a very long letters to Santa which are pretty much just  a list of presents they want Him to bring…

Here are first pages of the book:

Christmas book for kids

I have created patterns and also colored in the illustrations with colored pencils.

Christmas Childrens book

You can get this book on Amazon ==> ” Best Christmas Gift


Book 2: Christmas Story Coloring Book

The second book has the same story, but the pages are not colored. Kids can read the story and color in the pages. Here is how it looks:

Christmas Coloring book for kids

The idea actually came from you, me readers. When the first children’s book “Little Cattle Cats Eww and Yuck: Sweet Breakfast” came out, I got a number of emails from readers asking to make this story book for kids as a coloring books, because children were saying they want to color in the kittens. So I listened to the feedback and created the coloring version of the book. And now, I’ve done the same for the Christmas story.

This book is also available on Amazon ==> Christmas Coloring Story

What do you think about these new Christmas books for kids?

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