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Portrait Coloring Page Printable

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This week’s printable is a portrait coloring page. This is another practice sheet for “How To Color Like A Boss” book that is in the review process and will be available on Amazon this month.
So, what are the challenges when coloring portraits? See how you render skin, is it smooth and believable enough? How the lady’s earring is colored, does it look like a metal texture with jewel in the middle? Are lady’s eyes sparkly? Is her hair realistic? What colors did you choose?
If you color in this page, keep it as a “before” version.
The new book will include a large section on how to color portraits:

  • six different shades of skin,
  • nine different lip colors,
  • six different eye colors,
  • four hair colors.

It even shows how to correctly choose a color palette according to four general temperature and contrast types.
The portrait coloring page presents several challenges.

Download Portrait Coloring Page

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portrait coloring page
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