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About Ekaterina

I'm an artist with a fondness for cats, sweets, flowers, and travel. My husband is a video game developer. And together we travel the world. I create coloring and children books. has been created to provide coloring tips and free coloring pages, so you could practice and enjoy your creativity ☺ Find out more about my other projects at

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Butterfly Coloring Page Free Download

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butterfly coloring page

Butterfly coloring page is this week’s free download. For the last few weeks I have been working hard to update the “How to Color For Adults- Adult Coloring 101” book. And everyone who had purchased this book before and is subscribed to my emails will soon receive an updated book. It is full of coloring theory, new examples, and swatches. It will be finished and republished this week 🙂
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butterfly coloring page free download

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Sloth Coloring Page – Free Download

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sloth coloring page free download

Sloth coloring page is this week’s free download 🙂

Sloths are funny and very slo-o-o-w animals. Sloth is actually the slowest mammal known on Earth. It takes them up to a week to digest a meal!

I drew this picture because I’m currently cutting down on my coffee consumption, and it’s taking a toll on my productivity a lot. So for the last couple of days I was really resonating with sloth’s pace of life… But, after a week or so, my energy will go up even higher 🙂 The body will detox and readjust. As for coffee, I have replaced it with loose leaf green tea which has a lower dose of caffeine. Also, we do a lot of juicing. We get watermelons, cucumbers, and guavas straight from the local fresh produce market.

Share your tips on replacing caffeine in the comments below. I hope your week will be balanced.

Sloth Coloring Page

Click on the button below to download this week’s printable – sloth coloring page.

sloth coloring page



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Coloring Blog And Free Printables

Free Coloring Page – Flower Girl, And March News

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Free coloring page flower girl

Free coloring page – Flower Girl, and lot’s of news in this post.

Hello dear colorists 🙂 How is your year going so far?

First couple of month have flown by just like that!  I hope you have your journals open and have already ticked off a couple of goals for this year. (Wait. Do you journal? Let me know in the comments below. It is a whole other topic to discuss :))

March News

For the past couple of months I have been working hard on new designs and coloring books for you.

Also I have subscribed to creative courses to improve my art and design skills.

Working Hard

I have created and released one new book in February. It is called My Color Charts. This is a pretty basic book for you to create color swatches and keep your art materials organized. So if you have sets of gel pens, markers, colored pencils etc., and want to keep their color charts in one place, then this book will do the job. It has over 50 color charts to fill in. So if you are interested, view this book on Amazon.

color charts book

My current coloring book projects are:

  • Mystical Orient Coloring Book;
  • Cats Designs Coloring Book.

Mystical orient was inspired by the place where I currently live and travel through – South East Asia. For the past couple of years my husband and I visited Malaysia, Thailand, India. We live in Vietnam now, and are looking into going to Japan at some point. Overall, we really enjoy South East Asia: it is hot, colorful, tropical, and very inspiring for our art.

Cats Designs coloring book has been requested by some of you, my readers and colorists. And as cat-obsessed person I just couldn’t say no 🙂

Learning Heaps

I’ve spent most of February learning pattern design, calligraphy, hand lettering and designer computer programs. All this was done through video tutorials on Skillshare. Have you heard about it? If you wanted to learn some arts and crafts, this the place to do it. Skillshare offers many free classes. But it also offers a free month trial. I’m on month 2 now, and I will keep my membership, because there are so many new useful classes coming up every single month.

Overall, this is my go to place for fresh information every morning. I can drink my coffee and learn some arty stuff by creatives all over the world at the same time. You can try Skillshare for free for 1 month here => Free Month Trial

If you decide to subscribe for your free month trial, I will also get 1 free month – it’s a win win! 🙂

Freebie Mondays

Last year I’ve tried to establish Freebie Fridays but it didn’t work out that well (we are all humans, please don’t judge me 🙂 )

This year I am hoping to establish a habit of drawing one new free design every week, and send it out to you on Mondays.

This Monday’s free coloring page – Flower Girl, it was inspired by spring. Spring is finally here, with all it’s flowers and butterflies. I am happy to see bougainvillea and other flowers splashing color on the streets of Da Nang.

Free Coloring Page – Flower Girl

I was in a very flowery mood lately, and girly themes have been coming to my mind, like drawing a girl’s face with flowers and butterflies for example 🙂 So here it is:

Free coloring page - flower girl



What Do You Think?

Please let me know in the comments below if you like this page, and what other coloring pages you would want to see on this blog. Your advise could inspire a new coloring book.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you will enjoy coloring. Please share your work and share this page on Pinterest and Facebook, so other colorists can discover this resource.

Coloring Blog And Free Printables

Happy Holidays – Free Coloring Page: Cat At The Beach

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free coloring page- cat holidays beach

For those who live in the hot climate or in the Southern hemisphere, here is probably how Holidays look like:

at the beach or by the pool in a Santa’s hat 🙂

What do you think? Yay or nay? Would you rather have a white Christmas?

I haven’t had one in years. This time we’ve celebrated it in Vietnam. What we did miss for sure was our family.

Download this coloring page => click here


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Coloring Blog And Free Printables

Free Christmas Gift Tags Printable

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free christmas tags printable

The season of giving is here! Don’t forget about most precious things you can give: love, attention, time, smile, your presence and support in someone’s life. In this technology age, a touch of hand-made is so delicious that even those who “have everything” will greatly appreciate it. For the physical gifts, I’ve got a free Christmas gift tags for you.

free christmas gift tags

Free Christmas Gift Tags

You Will Need:

  • The printable download of Free Christmas Gift Tags
  • White card – 300gsm is best
  • Computer, printer
  • Adobe Reader (to open the download)
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher

Simple How-To:

  1. Print out the gift tags.
  2. Color the tags in Christmas colors: blues, cranberry red, pinetree green. Have a silver gel pen for snowflakes?  – perfect! 🙂  Oh and you dont have to leave the polar bear white, and the penguin black – it’s all up to you.
  3. Cut the tags out using scissors.
  4. Punch a hole in the top of the tag, where it’s marked.
  5. Add twine and don’t forget to sign the tag 🙂


click here to download 

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