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Find Time To Create – Where To Color

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You probably don’t really have time to sit around all day in the bedroom and color. But it is so very important to find time to create.

Just grab the book and pencils, and put them in your bag when leaving home.

You can color it bit by bit whenever you feel like. No pressure, it’s not a task or assignment.

  • Enjoy it at the park, by the pool, or at the beach.
  • Take it with you to the retreat, parents house, or organize an Internet and gadget-free weekend at home.
  • Do it during the lunch break, in between classes, or on the bus. But maybe don’t try to squeeze this activity into your busy schedule just to tick it off in your time management app 🙂

My favorite places for drawing and coloring:

  1. at home with a cup of tea, and relaxing music (and a cat if possible please);
  2.  in the fresh air at the beach or in the garden. Here I am spoiled by sunshine and can listen to the music of nature: sounds of water, trees, and birds, smell the aroma of flowers – tranquil and balancing. Also, there is so much color inspiration – away from the computer screen, you see azure, cobalt and turquoise instead of one cyan blue.