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Non Messy Colored Pencils

Many colorists are not comfortable with usual coloring pencils.

There are three reasons for that:

  • you need to sharpen them often, and it’s messy;
  • lead breaks all the time, and it’s frustrating;
  • for adult coloring pages, pencil lead is too wide, so it is hard to fill in details.

If you like colored pencils but rather avoid annoying moments, consider these:

Non Messy Coloring Pencils

This is the ultimate goodbye to ever lost pencil sharpener,  prickly wooden bits, and staining dust all over the desk and carpet.

Once the colored lead ran out, you can put in normal 0.7 lead, and use it as a regular mechanical pencil. Although, colored leads are easy to find on Amazon.

Read reviews here ==> Mechanical Colored Pencils

The most functional colored pencil

If you travel or just like compact things with maximum functionality, this 8 in 1 pencil is even better. It is by Pentel, and I really like their art materials for durability and just high quality. This mechanical colored pencil has 8 color leads inside. They are 2mm, so are great for coloring even thin pages, they won’t tear through the thin paper.

Leads are waxy and colors are bold. Also, you don’t have to replace the leads with Pentel brand when they run out, just find some cheaper once, for example, Crayola sells 2mm leads.

Available here ==> Pentel 8in1 Automatic Pencil

Useful companion

Since these pencils have very thin lead, colors are mixed best with a blender.

But this one is not necessary at all. I can never be bothered with these, and just use my finger, because I try to keep my art materials bag as compact and functional as possible ( I get destructed if there are too many things in my art bag, it prevents me from starting my piece, and I end up spending all my time on trying all materials and dreaming of what I would want to add to my collection etc.) So, simplicity is key, if I want to enjoy drawing/coloring/painting. It’s a good skill to be inventive and just use materials that you already have. Some people use cotton buds for blending colors.

Hope this helps 🙂 Check back often for more tips.

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  1. Cindy

    Hi Katarina! I have watched your video and learned a lot of new things to do to enhance my coloring! I really appreciate your site with suggestions, connections to buy the products that you used in the video that I watched.
    Have a great summer and Thank you very much for what you have been demonstrated plus the connections to purchase what you used if I wish to use what you have used.
    Thanks again

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