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Sloth Coloring Page – Free Download

sloth coloring page free download

Sloth coloring page is this week’s free download 🙂

Sloths are funny and very slo-o-o-w animals. Sloth is actually the slowest mammal known on Earth. It takes them up to a week to digest a meal!

I drew this picture because I’m currently cutting down on my coffee consumption, and it’s taking a toll on my productivity a lot. So for the last couple of days I was really resonating with sloth’s pace of life… But, after a week or so, my energy will go up even higher 🙂 The body will detox and readjust. As for coffee, I have replaced it with loose leaf green tea which has a lower dose of caffeine. Also, we do a lot of juicing. We get watermelons, cucumbers, and guavas straight from the local fresh produce market.

Share your tips on replacing caffeine in the comments below. I hope your week will be balanced.

Sloth Coloring Page

Click on the button below to download this week’s printable – sloth coloring page.

sloth coloring page



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