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Hamsa Coloring Page – Free Download

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hamsa coloring page

Hamsa coloring page is this week’s free download. Hamsa hand is also called a hand of Miriam, or hand of Fatima. It is a symbol of protection from evil forces. Also, you must have seen this symbol on t-shirts of yoga trainers a lot 🙂
This page is done with outlines of the shape. So this is not a line art. What works great with such coloring page is a gradient fill. Think teal flowing into blue, blue flowing into purple, and purple into pink. These colors are calming and vibrant, and are adjacent to each other on the coloring wheel. So they create a beautiful gradient.
Click the button below to download hamsa coloring page.
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hamsa coloring page free download

Coloring Blog And Free Printables

Free Coloring Page – Daisy Flowers

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For those who really like flowers, here is a free coloring page of daisies.

==> Click here to download

“What’s here to color?? Daisies are white!” – one might think.

But please take a look at all these beauties below:

daisies coloring

Yellow, pink, violet, and blue – they are all called daisy 🙂

Please color away and feel free to share your finished pages.

Discover More Designs Similar To This Free Coloring Page

The free coloring page is taken from this coloring book with 30+ flower designs:

etsy2 flower coloring book for adults printable coloring pages floral designs

Flower Coloring Book For Creativity, Mindfulness, And Relaxation.

Each design tells the name of the flower. Packed with detailed swirling floral mandalas, and inspirational quotes. “I love flowers, and this is my fan praise for them :)” – Ekaterina, author of The Flower Spirit.
Enjoy hours of creativity with this flower coloring book.
With so many cheerful colors to use and enjoy swirling kaleidoscopes of floral arrangements, this can truly become a stress relief coloring book, and perhaps a new addition to your anti-stress coloring book collection? Be mindful: coloring is not a physically relaxing activity, although, it is creative, and brings joy when working with bright colors and seeing the result.
What’s in this flower coloring book?

  • garden coloring pages: roses, tulip, pansy, cosmos, morning glory, almond blossom (they are just like cherry blossom but cream white color, make them pink if you wish), limonium, sweet pea, trollius;
  • forest blooms and wildflower coloring pages of poppy, daisy, tiny bluet, cornflower, foxglove, sunflower, forget-me-not, lily of the valley;
  • desert: blooming cactus, date flower;
  • exotic and tropical flower coloring: guava, pomegranate flowers, chinese lantern, hibiscus, calla, frangipani, lilies, lotus, jasmine, datura, and even the Bodhi Tree flowers.

From “Detailed Design and Mandala Coloring Books For Adults”
Other coloring books in this series:

  • The Cosmos Within
  • The Bird of Fantasia
  • The Flower Spirit

==> Click here to view

Your free coloring page is here:

==> Download

Coloring Blog And Free Printables

Free Easter Coloring Page – Easily Create A Hand Made Easter Greeting Card.

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Easter will be here soon! 🙂 Add hand colored greeting cards to your Easter baskets.

easter egg coloring card

Print it out on a card stock, color in pastel shades, and fold in half – tadaa, handmade greeting card with love is ready.

Free Easter Coloring Page s

The template already have marks for folding .

Download it here => Easter Coloring